To consider an item “DONE” there should be an article with a review or summary, if it was a small read a spanish summary of at least 150 words should be enough.

[A] Architecture

TODO [A] Release It! Second Edition   sre sysdesign book architecture

A quote that better illustrate what this book attempts to show:

Software design as taught today is terribly incomplete. It only talks about what systems should do. It doesn’t address the converse—what systems should not do. They should not crash, hang, lose data, violate privacy, lose money, destroy your company, or kill your customers.”

It begins showing you cases where things have gone wrong, ways to solve those scenarios and makes the argument for how those things are common. You’re introduced to patterns for fault tolerance like “circuit breaker”, then it moves from code to infrastructure and architecture for production, to finish with a chapter dedicated to chaos engineering.

TODO [B] Just Enough Software Architecture: A Risk-Driven Approach   architecture fundamentals

An introduction to software architecture as a profession, claims to be useful for people wanting to start in that field and developers in general. It starts by bashing the “armchair ivory tower” architect similar to the one done in release it!.

TODO [B] Domain Modeling Made Functional: Tackle Software Complexity With Domain-Driven Design and F#

The author has a nice talk describing the idea behind book, went thought this a while a go but never implemented anything. It would be nice to port some of the code to scala.

TODO [C] Continuous Delivery: Reliable Software Releases Through Build, Test, and Deployment Automation   ci cd reread book

A re-read of this book may be appropriate has been a while since I first read it.

[B] Study

How to read a paper

link to paper is a recommended lecture in Distributed Ledger Technologies: Foundations and Applications, I may not check the content of the course but the paper looks useful when going through the material shared by the dist-sys reading group material.

[B] Distributed systems.

TODO [B] Designing Data-Intensive Applications: The Big Ideas Behind Reliable, Scalable, and Maintainable Systems

The website 1 contains a good amount of reference to may be helpful to complete this book.

Lectures for the CSE138 (Distributed Systems) by Lindsey Kuper are available in youtube, she mentions and uses the book as a resource. The idea is to follow the book using the lectures and just after try and read it alone.

The author has published a series of lectures on a course he is giving at cambridge, the same has some pre-requisites so it may be a good a idea to check those before using this as a guide.

TODO [C] Introduction to Reliable and Secure Distributed Programming   textbook

This book will take a while to complete, from the book’s website:

The book follows an incremental approach and was primarily written as a textbook for teaching…”

The plan is to first explore the book while reading through others (eg. data-intensive, database-internals) which may be better suited for individual reading.

TODO [C] Database Internals: A Deep Dive Into How Distributed Data Systems Work

Will depend on data-intensive, if all goes well it may be worth the effort to deep dive into this.

[B] Data science

TODO [B] Machine Learning Engineering 2

A fairly long book that serves as an introduction to the topic, the udacity MLE nanodegree left me with more questions that answer and this books seems to be a good summary of the field.

TODO [C] fastai: A Layered API for Deep Learning   deeplearning

Read this a while ago, may be a good idea to write a summary in spanish.

TODO [C] The Hundred-Page Machine Learning Book   ml

Went through this a while ago, there’s a spanish version that I bought for my girlfriend, it would be nice to make a small review in spanish to help promote that book.