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To be recommended for promotion to SSG, SGTs must have completed SSD 2, the ERB (RA) section VI and ARB (USAR) section VII, should reflect SSD 2 Graduated. To be considered for promotion pin-on to SGT, SPC, and CPL must have completed the BLC, the ERB (RA) section VI and ARB (USAR) section VII, should reflect BLC Graduated..

Policy Updates: Army Regulation 623-3 - United States Army.

2166-9-1 (SGT), DA Form 2166-9-2 (SSG -1SG/MSG), and DA Form 2166-9-3 (CSM/SGM) to assist in talent management (Para 3-9b and Para 3-11). 5 ... Note: A promotable noncommissioned officer is one who is on a promotion list and is currently serving in a position authorized for the next higher rank or grade. AR 623-3, Table 2-1. 8.

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May 19, 2015 . To make broadening possible, there are nearly 12,000 nominative positions open to enlisted Soldiers as they progress through the ranks, said HRC's Command Sgt. Maj. Charles E. Smith..

AR 350-1 Ch 3 & 4 NCOES & NCODP Army Study Guide Quesions ….

2. Soldiers in a STAR MOS identified by HRC memorandum. 3. Soldiers serving in an authorized NCO position and has the highest number of promotion points. 4. Soldier on a recommendation list with the most promotion points. 5. Second priority are Soldiers in leadership positions and open seats are available in BLC. 81..

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The CMB produces an order of Merit List for CPTs and above who meet TIG by the end of the calendar year to be considered for promotion for their next higher grade. The State Selective Retention Board (SRB) is used to identify Officers who have more than 20 years of qualifying service for non-regular retired pay validated by the receipt of a "20 ....

US Army Warrant Officer Selection & Training - Boot Camp.

Military Training Main Page US Military Training Main Page This article is organised as follows: Part 01: Introduction to US Army Warrant Officers. Part 02: Training Hierarchy. Part 03: Entry Standards and Applications. Part 04: Training of US Army Warrant Officers. Part 05: Miscellaneous. PART ONE: BACKGROUND 1.0 Introduction "Officers (including warrant ....

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Sgt. Maj. Yzetta L. Nelson becomes the first WAC promoted to command sergeant major, the highest enlisted rank, March 30. 1969 First three women graduate from the Army War College in May..

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The Promotion Point Worksheet displays your current promotion point brake down for promotions to SGT and SSG. Promotion Point Worksheet The Protected Internet eXchange (PiX), is a US government-sponsored program to assist with unclassified information sharing among US government agencies and military, as well as with foreign partners..

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The Navy JAG Corps offers active-duty judge advocates a competitive starting salary. The total compensation includes basic pay and certain non-taxable allowances, such as those for housing and subsistence. Housing allowances vary according to the cost of living in the area to which you are assigned. Pay increases come with promotion and longevity.; The length of one's military ....

Army NCOER Achieves Bullets Performance Measures.

Rated NCO successfully achieves and maintains the required Army standards and organizational goals of leader competencies and attributes; effectively meets and enforces the standard for the unit and those in his/her charge; succeeds by taking appropriate initiative in applying the leader competencies and attributes; results have a positive impact on the mission, their Soldiers, the ....

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